Sound Editing Software

Sound Editing Software

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If you have a collection of various digital audio files (you know the type, WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC etc) then you might just want to have a go at editing some of them. There’s some great sound editing software available which you can use to cut, copy and paste different audio sections (just like you can with text) and move them around to edit your sounds. You can even use them to remove any unwanted sounds or, even more fun, to add a few sound effects to existing files. Even if you are a relative beginner in editing sounds, you can soon get the hang of it.

Free Sound Editing Software

The great thing is that there are loads of free sound editing software packages available, depending on exactly what you want to do. Here are a few examples with a snippet of what they’re good for:

* Wavosaur– doesn’t even have to be installed, it’s a free audio recorder and editor which will run on Windows XP, 98 or Vista. It comes with a great set of tools to be used for editing all of your digital audio files, with several other effects useful for MP3, aif, aiff, WAV, OGG, wavpack, raw binary, Amiga 8svx/16svx, au-snd, Akai s1000 and ADPCM Dialogic vox audio formats. It’s VST compatible too, just in case you already have VST plugins.

* Audacity – this is an open source audio editor which is available for various different platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s extremely popular (well, it is free) and it also has some great tools, is compatible with WAV, MP3, OGG and AIFF file formats, you can also use it to record live!

* DJ Audio Editor– is a basic MP3 file editor which is great for anyone at home who just needs to do the basics. It is only suitable for the MP3 format but it is pretty quick and efficient. You can quickly make a new MP3 ringtone with its basic cut, copy, paste tools making the job quick and easy.

* Wavepad Sound Editor– supports plenty of different file formats (mp3, sav, flac, wma and much more) and is rich with features. It has all of the usual cut, copy, paste tools plus the capability of using VST plugins for extended capabilities. It can be used for click/pop removal, noise reduction, adding special effects such as reverb and echo, and it comes with CD burner making it simple to backup your files after they’ve been processed.

* Power Sound Editor Free– can work with a large number of different file formats and also has good effects, with unique noise reduction tools including voice breath reduction (great for cleaning up voice recordings). The freebie version will only allow you to save any of your processed files as Wavs but you can upgrade to a deluxe version which has many more features.

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